Tuesday, 19 February 2019

first week back to school

This is the first week back to school "yay" (sarcastic). So this week we have done some new year’s stuff.We did some other activities like introducing ourselves to our teacher, our RE title page and a puzzle piece with our name on them.

So far this has been a great year.

Year 6 Camp

2019 Year 6 camp at MERC

This year all of the year 6’s (that includes me) went to camp at MERC Long Bay. I had the time of my life. My favourite activities were archery, mountain biking, giant paddle boarding and abseiling.

Camp was very fun. The best time I have had all year besides the beds. The beds were terrible.

Monday, 18 February 2019


Ko Ōwairaka Tōku maunga

Ko te-mona -nui a kiwa tōku moana/awa/roto

Ko Ireland tōku iwi

Nō Tamaki-makaurau ahau

Ko Te Hepara Pai tōku kura

Ko carmel tōku mama

Ko Mike tōku papa

Ko Matthew tōku

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Christmas Concert Rehearsal

Yesterday at around 9:45 after prayers we had a practice for our Christmas concert on Thursday. We got to see all the classes dancing and songs.The song we are doing is We Wish You a Merry Christmas. My favourite dance was Room ⅚ but it was fun watching all the classes doing their dance. 

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The last week of school

The last week of school is always the best week and the worst week. The reason it’s the best week is because most people like just relaxing and being able to do whatever. The reason it’s the worst week is because you have to say goodbye to your teacher witch can be very hard at times. You also have to let go of the best times you have had in the year. You also have to say bye to all the people in the last year of your school. I knew more Year Sixes than Year Fives. So this year has been one of the best years ever. I wish this year would never end.

Monday, 10 December 2018

3D shapes

These are the 3D shapes we have been doing for last week. We learnt how to fold paper (with or without steps) in a way to make shapes like the ones above. Then we identified the features of the shapes, such as how many corners, how many edges, and how many faces. The cone has 2 faces, 1 corner and 1 edge.The triangular based prism has 4 faces, 4 corners and 6 edges.

dave dobbyn

This is one of the passport tasks I did. It took half an hour and was worth 30 points. It was about Dave Dobbyn Who was a very famous NZ artist in 1970s- 2005. And and the task was to present a slide about an artist/ band from the past. So I made this.