Friday, 5 July 2019

Maori art

This my Maori art I did. It was in the style of Peter Gossage, To colour the picture I used pastel and a bit of felt and dye. 

This is the picture I tried to copy

Why can you never trust an artist?

Because they are a bit sketchy, a little shady and will always try to frame you.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Ice expremint

Today we did a science experiment with ice. What happened was we got some balls of ice and Mrs Drummond poured some food colouring onto the ice. Then the food colouring speed into the cracks in the ice and made vein looking things. Then we poured some salt on the ice and it became textured. Then we wrote down some things we notice and some questions we have. We then went out to crack them.

I had the best ice pun to tell you - problem is, it slipped my mind.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Egg sitting

Last week we took care of egg babies for keeping ourselves and others safe. It was quite hard and my egg didn't make it and to that I say “I'm scared for the next generation of parents”. Now for the story of my egg’s life.

Day 1. Went to OSCA and then I made him a home 
Day 2. Blood pain and death at daycare and at OSCA. at OSCA my baby was almost leaking, all that was stopping is was a thin membrane then as I was hanging up my bag… my bag fell off the hook and it was done! All that was left of my baby was the shell and my yolk soaked bag. 
Egg sitting was fun.

Cyber Safety poster

This is the cyber safety poster I did to show how we keep our selves cyber safe. I chose "think before you post" as my main inspiration and this is what It came out like.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Book Week

Today was the end of Book Week. We did a lot of stuff today, like the book parade where you had to dress up as a book character. I went as The boy in the dress by David Walliams

Today we also did a treasure hunt sort of thing where had to go around the school answering questions about books in a group of 4. In my group there was Rosa L, my sister and one other kid whose name I forgot. It was a very fun day.

50 Word Story

The Drop

10,000+ feet in the air and my first time skydiving. I was 25 years old and a pro stunt double. Now it was time to jump out the plane. When I was about 100 feet away. I pulled on my string but nothing happened...
I awoke screaming.
That was my 50 word story that I wrote for a comp in book week.

The challenge was to wright a story with a twist as a ending in only 50 words (title included), so that's it.

Friday, 7 June 2019

cross country

Yesterday we did cross country. It was about 2.3 km of non stop running and panting. If there was anything I could change about It would be to make the teachers run as well, then they would know what it feels like to run over 2 ks. It was a tiring day.

BTW: Is your refrigerator running?......... Well then you better go catch it!